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Would Shade or Waterproof PVC suit me best?


This depends upon what you wish to utilise the covered area for. If you are under a Shade Sail in a light to medium shower, you will feel a fine mist; you can unload the car/boat with ease. In a storm the water runs off to the edges but can drip heavily on its way there.

If you are covering an entertainment area, do you want to use it when it is raining? If so you will definately need Waterproof. When rain falls straight down a Waterproof area remains as such; when the rain is blowing in on an angle, you are still going to get wet - just as you would under a verandah.

Generally Shadetech cover swimming pools with shadecloth - after all you are going to get wet in there anyway! The shadecloth prevents a lot of leaves getting in the pool, minimises chlorine useage and reduces evaporation. We design your Shade to suit you so please discuss your individual needs with our experienced technical representative


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