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What is the warranty on my Shadetech Shade Sail? 


The shadecloth we use comes with a 10 year pro-rata warranty against UV degradation. This means it is fully guaranteed for the first 5 years then 80% covered in the sixth year, 60%in the seventh & so on.

PVC Fabrics come with differing warranties according to the various manufacturers; the minimum we would use is 3 years with the top line PVC's having a 10 - 15 year UV warranty and fire retardency.

All stitching is done with Tenara® UV Stabilised thread which has a 15 year UV warranty.

Shadetech are pleased to offer a 2 year warranty on our workmanship and other materials used in the manufacture of your Sail.

Shadetech is committed to providing you with the best quality materials and highest standards of service, however it must be remembered that it is a fabric cover you are investing in, and it will deteriorate over time as any fabric would.


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