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image of shade sail with link to cyclone instructions How do I protect my Shadetech Shade Sail in a Cyclone?

In the event of a Cyclone warning, follow these directions to remove your Sail(s) When it is safe to do so reverse the instructions for reinstallation

Sail(s) in a sailtrack follow 1 - 9

Most other Sails follow 1 - 6, 9 &10

  1. Take note of fixings (turnbuckles, snaphooks etc...) so you will be able to replace them in the same position
  2. Mark points so you are aware of which point goes where on reinstallation
  3. Open all turn buckles by undoing the lock nuts and winding out the body
  4. Loop a piece of rope through the O-ring/grommet to create a pulley, lever point from post or wall
  5. The other points should now be slack enough to unhook
  6. Undo the screws in each end of the sailtrack or unlace from wire eyestrap
  7. Slide Shade out of track
  8. Fold carefully and store
  9. Congratulations you have done well!    


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